Foto von Personal Trainer Raphael Reinig

Raphael Reinig, Personal Trainer and founder of HOC

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Hi, I am Raphael!

My task as a personal trainer is to motivate and enthuse people like you about sports, nurturing in a targeted fashion and promoting a conscious approach to your own body. This can happen within the framework of a personal training session but also in a group, for example over the course of one of my weekly classes. While doing this, I support my clients not only in achieving their sporting goals but also in attaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle. It makes sense to have a comprehensive and sustainable training concept, which really works as a long-term solution. As such I had discovered Calisthenics, which increasingly excited me.By now I’ve been a verified and licensed Personal Trainer, Calisthenics professional and workshop instructor for several years and established FitShark Personal Training in 2014 in Berlin.

2017 I extended the FitShark team by two additional personal trainers, Calisthenics pros and longtime friends:


  • stuntman and acrobat
  • handstand expert
  • creative locomotion talent

and Matthias:

  • physiotherapist with truthfully magical fingers
  • alternative practitioner (“Heilpraktiker” in Germany)
  • sports teacher with exceptionally analytic view

Thus, it was possible for FitShark to reach an even more diversely well-founded quality spectrum. We see ourselves not only as a distant observer, who creates plans, instructs and checks the way in which you are moving, but also as an active and creative partner, who praises, encourages and accompanies along the way. Therefore, sport and movement cease to be necessary evils on the road to fulfilling pragmatic goals but instead become a natural part of everyday life, that entails extraordinary effectiveness and lots of fun at the same time.

Over the years we were able to successfully coach over one hundred people to reach their goals and help them on the journey towards a higher standard of life. Being able to witness our clients’ success stories is one of the best parts of our profession.

I see it as a wonderful fortune that I met my great love Michal in 2016 in Berlin and followed her in 2018 to her hometown of Jerusalem. I feel incredibly comfortable in Israel and started feeling home within a short time through meeting many wonderful people. And also the country amazes me every day. Laying down on the beach in Tel-Aviv, swimming, surfing … and every challenge seems manageable. Enjoying the marvelous old city of Jerusalem, eating the best hummus of my life … and simply feeling home. Consequently, based on the continuous FitShark success story, it made sense to establish an even greater as well as internationally concentrated platform for Calisthenics, that by now offers training in Berlin, Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv and online. FitShark became HOC – House Of Calisthenics.

And naturally also HOC guarantees the highest quality standard:

Optimal long-term progress at a lowest risk of injury.

That we accomplish through the quality criteria below:

1. Enthusiasm for the own body as well as fun when training are not just nice side effects but important aspects of the training. Only like this sustainable and long-term training success can be assured.

2. The technically correct execution of exercises has the highest priority, only in the second step the enhancement of intensity and performance will be targeted. That way “Train smarter, not harder” doesn’t remain an empty phrase but becomes an authentic training perspective.

3. All HOC trainers have well-founded expert knowledge about anatomy, biomechanics and (sports) nutrition, which is constantly updated and extended through further education.

The training concept is thereby based on proven foundations, however, it is constantly adjusted in a flexible and intelligent way according to the requirements of the client with respect to state of health, level of training, form of the day and individual goal.

4. Mutual trust between client and trainer is an essential component of the HOC concept, that way also the mental state can be included in the training design which results in a truly individual and therefore holistic training.

5. Backgrounds and coherences of the training conception are being designed transparently for our clients. That allows for the development of a differentiated body feeling, the active co-design of the training and ultimately the transferability of strength, discipline, endurance and physical capacity into various other areas of life.