Calisthenics Workshops

We are currently planning new Calisthenics workshops for different levels, educational programs for coaches who want to specialize in Calisthenics as well as other interesting events. Stay tuned and sign up for the newsletter below!

Future Events


Ort: Wilhelmstr. 14, 10963 Berlin
Datum: 27. August 2017, 12:30-14:30 Uhr

Have you always been curious how you can achieve an effective full body workout with the help of only your own body weight?
Then come along to FitShark Calisthenics Basics Workshop!

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For Businesses

Are you interested in providing your clients with an innovative Calisthenics workout? I would be delighted to visit your business, whether it is a gym, a Crossfit box or even a yoga studio or a martial arts school and inform your clients how they can independently train in Calisthenics.