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Hi, I am Raphael!

My task as a personal trainer is to motivate and enthuse people like you about sports, nurturing in a targeted fashion and promoting a conscious approach to your own body. This can happen within the framework of a Personal Training session, but also in a group, for example over the course of one of my Workshops. While doing this, I support my clients not only in achieving their sporting goals but also in attaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

It makes sense to have a comprehensive and sustainable training concept, which really works as a long-term solution. I found one a long time ago in the form of Calisthenics. During a stay in the Miami Beach area that lasted several weeks I took the opportunity to familiarise myself with the local Calisthenics and to bring my training up to professional standards. In the meantime, I became a verified and licensed personal trainer, Calisthenics Professional and workshop instructor. I see myself not only as an distant observer, who creates plans, instructs and checks the way in which you are moving, but also as an active partner, who praises, encourages and accompanies along the way.

I believe that sport and movement should not be seen as necessary evils on the road to fulfilling pragmatic goals but should become a natural part of everyday life. Therefore, I would like to get a lot more people into Calisthenics, which already provides my clients and I with extraordinary effectiveness and lots of fun at the same time.

Over the years I have successfully coached over one hundred people and helped them on the journey towards a higher standard of life. Being able to witness my clients’ success stories is definitely one of the best parts of my career.